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Natalia Taylor (Mama Fava)






234 Marshall Street

Allegan, MI 49010

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MamaFava! has secrets...

MamaFava!’s mission is to provide a nutritionally balanced snack food that delivers a delicious flavor, free of artificial additives; a treat that satisfies your hunger while replenishing your body with much needed nutrients.


MamaFava! is an environmentally conscious company using bio-degradable craft paper packaging to reduce our carbon footprint. No artificial chemicals are used in the production of MamaFava! Original Crunch!

From the beginning, MamaFava! had help. Special thanks: 

  • Can-Do Kitchen, a nonprofit organization that helps develop and establish small business like ours. Not only have they provided a 16-week educational course with weekly individual meetings but also the network connections with other business professionals has been invaluable in guiding MamaFava! through the complicated startup process. They remain a key contributor and supporter.


  • Michigan Small Business Development Center and Michigan State University Product Center provided additional information on many aspects of a small business development as well. Their webinars and workshops broadened our business development knowledge.


  • George Peters, at George Peters Design & Illustration, helped us to create a MamaFava character. His extensive experience in illustration and creative vision gave us exactly what we were looking for.. MamaFava! herself!

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Our Story

Our Story

We are a privately-owned startup. A snack food producer from hometown Michigan dedicated to a delightful and uniquely crunchy nibbler—the tasty, whole-roasted Fava Bean! 

A Bean for the Ages

Do you know the Fava Bean may have been mankind’s first harvested crop? Evidence of Paleolithic Fava Bean cultivation has been well-documented. Is it too far fetched to imagine early mankind fleeing from a saber-toothed tiger while crunching a Fava Bean for extra energy?

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